As producer and 💯 unlicensed doctor, when I see a potential concussion, I ask the most critical question.. Who's the Sexiest Man Alive? Big stunt on set of #Rampage last night, my bud and bad ass stuntman, @DaveMacomber got thrown from one side of this massive C-17 plane to the other. Overshot his crash pad and flew straight into the wall and knocked himself out. He doesn't remember his last name, nor can he remember the name of his kids. Jokes aside, after this incident we shut down production and let our hard working crew go home. I stayed here w Dave and our stunt coordinator @alpop.stunts and eventually got Dave to the hospital. Brain is in tact, CAT scan was clear and Dave takes it easy for a week before jumping back in the saddle. A strong reflection of how our stunt brothers and sisters will always be the backbone of Hollywood. All my luv, gratitude and respect. #CowboyUp #StuntmanDave #OnSet #Rampage #DrRockAskingTheCriticalQuestions #SexiestManAlive


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