Ariana Grande

♡ ☁️🌈 @dangerouswomantour @alfredoflores p.s. @bstrongbrand that lil run thooooo 😌🙈🎹 my head whipped around so fast 😍 !!!! you are so incredible. I love my band so so so much. Endlessly grateful for you guys @_natural__ @aspears @ezingram 🙏🏼




I LOVE you you have the best voice ever and I LOVE how you pray and CRY for your fans you are my itle


I love and miss you so much baby

francis bohn

Whenever i hear this Song i have to cry!!! Its sooo beautiful!!!! I Love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️ my biggest dream is to meet you and Tell you how much I admire you!!! Sorry for my english i am from Germany nur this is my only chance to express that i Love her!!!!❤️

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