#fbf Japan 🇯🇵





Kardashians hiring???? I really need a job.... I'll cut the grass wash the floors the whole 9




Love your #camaflauge pants


Perfect and pretty toes baby


Por qué no pudiste ir a Japón en esta fecha? Me doles @alugrrr Ojalá en diciembre vaya alguien famoso a Japón


@vee same size and style so cute. just a different color


@quilesa same size bag as ours!!!


i love how she's being editing her pics, who knows the app? plzz


@____drose ah the many secrets of kim kardashian


Awh kim 😍


Pleeeease can someone tell me what this filter is?!


What filter does she use ???


...no show at the fight. I lost a $5 prop bet! Winston and I are not pleased.

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