Kelly Rowland

There's only one. And it's her birthday!! Happy Birthday Guhhh! ❤️

There's only one. And it's her birthday!! Happy Birthday Guhhh! ❤




Oh my gawd! Her birthday is REALLY on my sister’s birthday. I’m telling u, she SO reminds me of my sister Erica. Wow, June 24th, really? @saintrecords 😍😍😍🙌🏾👸🏾💯💋


Cccccaaaaaaammmmmmmiiiiiiiillllllllllllleeeeeeeeee(Bring it on-All or nothing)😍😍


Baby girl!


Man solange needs to chill @_ssaaxx


So beautiful


Happy birthday solange


Bjsbjdkbhtnk ntjunkahejksklals teams a


The guhhh part remind me of when they did mtv cribs and Kelly was like "go show em your room guhhh" aww 😍😍




@imaeverypettyg she meant there's only one solange. It's her birthday and her post. So why would Beyonce be in it.


Yikes 😋 😍


Happy birthday

Me and @saintrecords bday are on the same day

💯 Awesome!


This could be from the destiny fulfilled album shoot


Happy Birthday!!!


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Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday Solange


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Because her sister is a super star people often forget how amazing and beautiful this lady is. I am truly a fan. Go Solange.


Happy birthday Solange 🎂🎉🎊💖


Damn I love u girl!!


HBD Solange!


Happy birthday


Have A SUPER Celebration, for (YOUR) day..OF BIRTH/SOLANGE (:-). @kellyrowland


Happy Birthday😘


Happy Birthday beautiful Solange! Kelly, I love how you called her guhh!!!! 😂😂😂That's what my cousins and I call each other.

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