Hey I just started following you guys this dog is so cute he reminds me so much of my dog Teddy Teddy is a shih tzu as well and he loves love he loves his family his mommy daddy is two sisters and his big brother and I just love looking at your dog cuz he reminds me of my dog I just keep saying oh my gosh and a wwww all through the videos LOL I love Dougie. Hey look me up at Sharon Mall and follow me and my dog as we walk and travel through the st. Louis area


Dad and I doing men things! lol πŸ•


@daniel_ellick look at all the floof


Is she a lhasa apso


hey! love this 🐢


Jajajajaja que atrevido... Bello


A Dougie Duster.


just dusting the floor😊


My dad does that to me too😊


I call that fun "mop dog" !!


@tremaineee More like you wanna BE THIS DOG


@dereklwj I NEED THIS DOG


i wan dis doge @dereklwj


@lizmaia um paninho de chΓ£o




Es muuuuy bello


Come pulire il pavimento e far felice il cane!!!πŸ‘πŸ˜€


hahahahaha πŸ™ˆ

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