Gone squirrel hunting. #summerhiatus #backinaboutaweek




I miss seeing new pictures of you Dougie. Please come back.....


I wuv to bawrk at squirrels!


Dougie plz come back 😩😍


my dog gets her hair cut from the same place this dog gets his hair cut 😍


Look at that sweet face!


Dougie come back soon i miss your fluffy head


Nooooo! Come back.


Miss you Dougie !!!


@k8thrsn worst week of the year😫


I miss him🙄


Miss youuuuu 💜


@larasull24 Thanks, miss to read the hastags b4


@dcasullivan he is okay!! Just on vacation! Read the hashtags.


Squirrels are my FAVORITE!


Miss u Dougie hope u and ur family doing ok 😘😘😘


miss you~~~~


Miss you Dougie 😞😞😞


Love ❤️ that squirrel 🐿️🐿️🐿️! I have one too 🤣


Having Dougie cravings 😒




Oh man I hate @dailydougie hiatuses! Dougie-free weeks are the worst. Hurry back! 🙍🏻


@pamelajavran meant to tag u ^




Dougie, I sent you a post. See my last post. 💕😆


Finally got that squirrel


I love you dougie


Blow the horn, lose a finger.

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