Before our big new season of @ballershbo premieres tonight.. Want to let ya know how grateful I am and say thank you so much for enjoying the show and making its @HBO's #1 highest rated half hour show for years now. And for the record, I'm not condoning stealing cable. When I was broke as hell, I did what I had to do. But on a positive note, that's how bad I had to have my HBO. 😈. Enjoy the show. #Ballers 10pm @HBO TONIGHT




Adnin Razali | Malaysian | πŸ’•

Like ur shirt. No. Actually, I like you ❀️

Alessandra Azevedo

Que sorriso é esse 😍


Aviator sunglasses were meant for you lol

Thiago Teixeira

VocΓͺ manda bem demais cara !

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