Their pain will become yours. #WWIIZombies #CODWWII #CallofDuty #COD #WWII #Zombies




yeah uh no


Zombi more cool


@hulk_wannabe ok scared now


When will it come out


@callofduty the new boss fight!


β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜±πŸ‘»Double click this Picture if you Are NOT a Zombie😱🀣❀️🀘


Dude you guys gave so many zombies


@oliver_grothe d ser sΓ₯ kult ut


Best Game Ever!! Thanks @callofduty and @sledgehammergames


I can't prestige on zombie


Beautiful game of zombies y like




Will u need season pass to play zombie maps

What is this guys nane


would've looked cooler if it had the swastika carved in it :/


I'm a big fan of call of duty 3 black ops


@nawnsss @trillionare69 get ready to play with me in November!


Oh I'm ready


We need good Scary zombies and we need To return mop of the dead on the black ops3 @CallofDuty @Activision @ATVI_AB @Treyarch#CallOfDutyWWII @callofduty @treyarch @shatha_alzaabi


@jacobhoyipod probably the first pistol that you get in the multiplayer


@sad9oo__king its the only cod i palay πŸ˜‚


I can't wait


What is the starting weapon

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