Head tilted and cute eyes 🐿️🍞




@r_ose sugar mommy, I came across many poms on IG who had success with Dermagic for their poms with alopecia


Could it be her diet? Plz contact a vet😒


@r_ose my Pom's neck was black, no hair for 2 years. It grew back after 1.5 months of treatment 😎


Same thing happened to my Pom! She is so bald now but still just as cute 😍


@some_velvet_mourning really! I try so many ways and it didn't work. Thanks for your comment.


@r_ose ohh so sad, GWS casey 😘


@yunieliem this is not Sugar. She's Casey and she's having unbalanced hormone and alopecia condition.


What a beauty! My Pommy has alopecia, too. We used Dermagic and it's finally all growing back ❀️❀️❀️


What happened to her fur?


It looks his he/she is on a giant piece of bread


So cute! But it is 1:52 A.M.!


What happend with sugar?


Ah so cute 😍

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