Dougie the Shih Tzu

Thanks for being such great fans. 😘#beautycontestsareforthebirds

Thanks for being such great fans. 😘#beautycontestsareforthebirds




@nyumhie97 a super precious baby 😢


Shih tzu aşktır


Can't love you enough❤️🐾


I agree 100% Dougie! Who eats worms anyway?!


Hes adorable


El perrito mas hermoso del mundo


Cutest dog on the www.


I love you Dougie❤️


Yeah just see who would win on the streets. "Hey where'd the bird go and why does Dougie have a feather in his mouth?" Don't mess with Fluff & Tuff 💪🐶


the cutest Dougie💕


Dougie you are the winner in my book. You've got the looks AND the personality!!!


You are absolutely the cutest!


Are you just the cutest?!!!


@surabhikalyan paapaa so sad not fair


He was robbed! 💔😭😭


You were robbed! You're hands down the cutest.


@janani.kalyan the hashtag hahah ded


@k8wils if there was a fluffiness contest dougie would win hands down


Dougie you are the best!


@jennygaddam he looks just like you


You are the cutest Dougie!💕🐾


Birds... pffft... Dougie you are our number one 😍

Aww you're too cute!


You are always the cutest, Dougie! 🤗

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