Call of Duty

#IWAbsolution is here. Dominate on four new MP maps and wipe out '50s zombies in the newest chapter of the #IWZombies saga, now live on PS4.




LOL nobody aint gonna come back to play this garbage


I think they’re ripping off halo griff ball on that ball one


Make another infinite warfare game please call it Infinite Revolution!


More advanced warfare u can not do


lol I haven't even played this and they are coming out with dlc


The game is so unorganized and the game needs to be more smooth than so choppy


@leeroy_jenkins1945 I hate IW how too many weapons are op the game seems too unbalanced and unorganized


@vahidnili9170 no they won't because IW is a garbage cod with 100s of weapon varieties that people hate not to mention the game is unorganized and unbalanced


But who knows....


And the reveal has more dislikes and likes


@vahidnili9170 it wont happen since the sales of iw are down 50% and the majority of cod community dont like the game


Words can't describe how absolutely amazing this game is!😍🔥❤️ I love Call of Duty Infinite Warfare! I don't know why this game have haters! But i know this is the best Call of Duty of all time❤️ Please make Infinite Warfare 2! Please🙏❤️


Bruh was that guy using those that the ghost busters use


Ysfzkrc. Gt


I like all call of duty that i play!!!


Why DID THIS take so long?


I think this maps are gettin to big


Very nice dlc... wish people played on pc....


I dont like infinite warfare i prefer Black Ops III ❤️


@x_i_am_rick_cantu_x_ beautiful,, I just check it now in YouTube :-)


Most of them have type-2sthey should have nv-4s


@relax7577 not anymore when ww2 comes out


Dlc 2 is better


Bo1 remastered I like it

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