I told Statham while we were shooting F8, "Brother if I ever give you a toothbrush for a gift, you'll know what's coming"....We're cooking up some big/cool things for Hobbs and this franchise.
I'll keep you posted. #HeresYourToothbrush 🤙🏾



I love the thing he says to Shaw tho


I love you 😍😍😍




Can you smell what the rock is cooking #the people champ you wwe legend the rock


... que desfrutes desta vida com muito amor e muita alegria ❌⭕️❌⭕️😍🌟


Fast and Furious series . Classic films.


Just saw Valerian tonight! Omg, your character was too dang cute! I don't know how anyone couldn't love her ❤️👽


@tasjatasjaa aight die gaan we kijken 😉




بیا فالو کن وگرنه لایکم رو برمیدارم پهلوون


درودبرشرفت..طرفدارتم تازندم توبینظیری


F8 is facking cool I like the movie it is cool


Прикольно у меня форсаж 8 есть со всеми дополнительными к нему материалами на дисках я его за 600 р покупал


I looooooveeeeeeeerr this film😍😍😍😍


🌹🌹🌹🌹 So Bad Ass!!!💪


@leaandroferreira sou mto fan desse cara


Amei d++++ velozes e furiosos 8 pena que não tinha nosso querido Paul Walker




داداش خیلی آقایی نوکرتم دراک


جرات داری بیا ایران بینم منکنمت یا نه


good night, Rock and all your group of actors, how are you? I have been watching your movies all these years and following the franchise of Rapidos y Furiosos, and in a few years ago comment on some of your photos on your Facebook page, which would be nice to see you on the big screen with Jason Statham, and maybe others they had said it and you did it. This time I write to you to make a request, since they have made scenes Exotic and Beautiful of the world, it would be good that this time in the next Two Presentations that come to Futuro you could place some landscapes or emblematic places of Venezuela, we have a lot of talent and you the Extrangeros know them, It would also be a good option To put a Venezuelan Actor that is sounding and leaving our country high, he is Edagr Ramirez, he made a good interpretation in the film Point of Break, and in Mina de Oro, you and your friends of the franchise will know how to give a turn for him to appear !, I wish you luck, Success and q God continue to bless you, your family and the whole team. They want them for free!


Thank you Rock I loved everything your in, much respect.


Osm movie fast ans feurious 8


I like it


ببین این کارا رو اینجا کنی میزنن شتک پتکت میکنن افتاااااااااد. بچه پروووووووو




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