Evolving isn't an effort to forget the past, but to stay ahead of the times.

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HI @dens_lens, as an AMG owner you can contact your local dealer to arrange this. Thanks.


@tdub99 some formulation of the 50 yrs of AMG badges could be cool for the wheels mag front cover...


The best or nothing


❤️❤️❤️ Forever 🏁


De génération en génération MB intelligence génération nouvelle trop en avance 😍🌟😍👑🌟👑🚀👑💟


L'evoluzione del look del brand, è sinonimo di continuità e perseveranza nel cercare sempre il meglio!!! 😍😍


Sad but at 50 years the brand is going through it's worst year ever ... I bet the founders of #AMG are rolling in their graves.


Das allererste AMG Zeichen gefällt mir am besten, das hat was 👍👍👍


@__dantizzle__ 🤷🏻‍♂️


Strong logo


Absolutely amazing car ❤️❤️

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