Dougie the Shih Tzu

All better.

All better.




Does Dougie fall asleep as soon as he gets in the car? My Shihtzu does! So cute 💕


Hi buddy


💖💖💖 follow me! I'm new in instagram 🐾🐾🐾


He seriously has such a beautiful face. I love him 😍


Check out my account pups🐶🐶


The cutest!!!


@camilaflins kkkjhhh num guento


So cute! 😘🐾


Adorable both ways, but he looks like a different dog afterwards.😉😍


My boy has the same seatbelt! Always buckled up 💞💞


💙 so handsome!


So coooote 😍


Back to your cute self🐶❤️


Smart pup 🐶🐾


Beautiful 💖


@sarahhaleysmith good morrow, here's a photo of dougie with a fresh cut


Beautiful Boy. So loved ❤️


So cute omg 😍


We should meet for coffee some time @dailydougie !! 😉🐾☕️

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