Nice surprise.
Thank you GERMANY 🇩🇪 After 5 weeks, #Baywatch moves up the international charts!? Crazy sauce.
This kind of global success for a lil' R-rated, raunchy comedy is very rare in Hollywood.
We make movies for the world to enjoy.. so thank you world for enjoying our lil' beach raunch romp.
Love U back Germany 🇩🇪. And Mexico 🇲🇽. And France 🇫🇷. And everywhere else I'm not mentioning because I have to go back to working out and a brotha can't lose his pump 💪🏾



Aduhhhh... comel laaa the rock niiiii....


If you smell what the rock is cooking


Tabitha Dawkins Dog home Tomorrow Up Yes Ko Go Call Friends Love You WWE. 💖💏 The Rock


Vc ta tudo bem


Good movie.👏👏👏


@mslm5223 hey i am german


Germany? I hate them


Assalaamulaikum, Mau beli rumah tanpa bank, tanpa riba, tanpa denda, tanpa sita? Perumahan Syariah pertama di Kota Tasikmalaya. Unit terbatas hanya 5X unit. Untuk info selanjutnya bisa cek bio kami. Nuhun, punten nyepam. :)


Sorriso lindo


i love you


بازی عالی عالی


اكل تليت يعطيك عظل صافي


It was funny that movie i hope there will be a baywatch 2 will there


Smile nice man always smile


My fav video😂❤️, so positive!


Brazil love you @therock 😍❤️👏👏👏


@therock wow. You are big


I can be the judge of that you call a French kiss si?


Toucher par ton message pour mon pays France nous aussi on t'aime dwayne c'est toi meilleure du monde gros bisous et un grand soutiens pour toi 😊❤️ @therock


Love his laugh


Hangi ara nefes alıyor acaba 😕😕valla dinlerken benim nefesim kesiliyor 😮😮bu nedir ya taramalı gibi hayret yani 😒😒


That was such a corny joke 😭😂

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