The paddle out for Jack O'Neill 🙏🏼 RIP may we all live such a big life in a way that means something to us & helps others 💙 ・・・
Video by @FransLanting with @ChristineEckstrom and @Gilholmer Tap the screen for sound. Thousands of surfers paddled out from a Santa Cruz beach into the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary last Sunday to honor Jack O’Neill with many thousands more watching from the cliffs around Jack’s house overlooking Pleasure Point. It was a moving tribute to the man who was a pioneer of the wetsuit, which enabled many millions of people to plunge into the ocean to experience our blue planet for themselves. Jack passed away recently at the age of 94 after a life well lived. Many of us in Santa Cruz were touched by his spirit and scores of kids benefitted from his efforts to advance the cause of ocean education. Follow me for images and stories about our living planet.
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