Los Angeles Lakers

Defense to offense, with Wear throwing down the Caruso lob! #LakersSummer

Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas



Damn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@issa.pinoy do you still think he's better than Lonzo after tonight's game


He a G League player.. I think he better than lonzo


@sparks.notes man I love that guy


@justin_be_ballin nba tv has a game already on. It goes pass 7:30 no game on nbatv starts at 7:30


@lakerspost just go on espn 2 at 7:30 it'll show if not then the game is on NBA th but I'm pretty sure it's on espn 2


@justin_be_ballin i got direct tv. And i don't see lakers game. I see blazers vs bulls on ESPN 2. And in NBATV there is. A game already on.


And we waive the guy that made that play possible😐...


@justin_be_ballin what cable company u have?


@lakerspost I checked the NBA app and my TV guide and it says laker vs sixers on espn 2 and the blazers game is on NBA tv


@lakerspost no i don't think so


@justin_be_ballin on my espn2 it says bulls vs blazers at 7:30 :/


@justin_be_ballin its not gonma be on spectrum sportsnet?


@rmb3ii3 wow that's weird on my TV guide it says sixers vs lakers after the kings game


@justin_be_ballin it says bulls vs. trailblazers though :/


@rmb3ii3 its 7:30 on espn2


Pacific time


It's at 730 on ESPN 2


What channel the game on tho


Has it started anybody??


are they not showing the game tonight???


I'm scared we're not gonna get pg13


What channel is the game ?


Is @zo playing tonight?

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