Mom, pleaseeeee🐶✨ I'm begging you with these two dirty paws 🤣




@adynna1995 olha que fofinho😍


@r_ose she is good! The regular check up for worms and stuff but she is fine :)


@r_ose well I finished my work day and apparently she was okay. No pipi or poo. She just missed me of course... and me, I was in unbearable anxiety to know if she is okay. We are going to the vet now!


@_mmap how's going? Any update about your little girl? And thanks @pommielover for taking charge🙂


@jim_calevra y nadie entiende mi dolor! Jajaja


@luigilsolito le spremiture al toracino


Mimi pidiendo ayuda @thssiii


@_mmap various reasons


@_mmap maybe she misses her pom mommy and learning to adjust to the new environment ( your house )... varicose reasons for crying .... depends ..... sometimes, they want attention. Sometimes, they are afraid .... they are like human beings ... takes time to adjust to new environment. Some adapt easily, some suffer separation anxiety ...


@pommielover she is going today! But the crying is so heartbreaking...


@_mmap Did you bring your pom girl to the vet ? Poor pom baby


Hi! Need some help! I have a little pomeranian girl and she cries almost all night... what can I do?

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