#Fire πŸŒ…




Next time you are in NYC look me up and we paddle in NYC.


Fire & Ice: Best combo. New season of GOT starts Sunday, will you be watching?






Herrlich πŸ‘


Beautiful πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


It is beautiful! Enjoy it there and load new energy for winter, Aksel !


I would have this gladly instead of hang out 12 hours a day at the office...


Vakkert πŸŒ…


Ser utrolig peaceful ut helt til tanken om mulig kaldt vann ramlet innom πŸ˜€


Stilig ;-)




Traumhaft .!!!


Quins colors!


My Home place!!! 😍


RossΓΆ levererar!


@sololie @marteesivertsen vi er like kule som drΓΈmmemannen


Fantastisk bilde!


Fint, eller hur @gusse23 ?!




Perlen RossΓΆπŸ‘ vi mΓ₯ dit til hΓΈsten @trondreg, sΓ₯ slΓ₯r du to fluer i en smekk✌️


A magical picture 😍😍😍


Fantastic setting! It seems you are always surrounded by stunning locations and always moving!




Downhill skier in sunsetπŸŒ…πŸ˜œ God sommerβ˜€οΈ


Wow. Sieht echt schân aus 😁


Wow, den selfie'n skojar man inte bort! πŸ‘




TΓΈft bilde πŸ‘


Stunning, must add to list of places to visit.


So nice and great pic.


Nydelig mann! 😍

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