The cutest


@jackie_gissela they all have the same mouth😂🤣


@catnussss young princess is that you??


You are so lucky to have Dougie!


Something on your mind lol.


Too dam cute


So cute you look like alike my Gordie 😍😍


@dailydougie Buster thought the same thing!


Sweetie face...😍😍


@miicheeey tot = toenail out Tuesday ❤️😭


Awwwwww look at the cute potato!


😝😘😘the cuteness! Oxo


Hi precious ❤️


@ewitcraft Dougie wants to see your stank face




Dougies mom thanks for all the cute dougie pics! @dailydougie


Dougie and my Bubbles do the Elvis impersonation. It is so cute.


@jojosipearson lol as I said learn to take of yourself then you can have a puppy 😉🐗💩


Snagglepuss. 😂❤️

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