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Y'all need Earl Clark for the wisdom! He is very talented and would be a great pick up because of his length and versatility around the rim and he can shoot that thang now! #asapwitthecanonmedia


Sign Thomas !!!!


I thought Zubac would tear summer league up this year?


the #1 looks better on dloading...


My fav. The butts!!!!! 😜


Lmao blue ball


Devin Booker to L.A


Blue Ball


Put #1 next to #2...lol


Blue Took Dlos Number


@dredayya aleasr I'm not the only one who caught that lmao


Caruso and kuzma


Why is ball wearing kobes


Lavar's quote on playoffs:"We gonna handle it. Lakers are back. We comin'!!!"


Why this boy wearing Kobe’s 😂


I see blue ball thomas zubac lmao


Blue is garbage ....


Lakers 4ever 💛💛💜💜💛💜💛💜💛💛💜💜💛💜💛💛💛💜💜💜


kuzma will be a starting past the middle of the season

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