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From @muller_73: "『きなこ』let's KINAKO festival でありんすよぉ。" #catsofinstagram



@dani3ll3s I’m gonna do one paw 😏


@gabbs002 I like her furries


Eyes r sooo cute😍


Ecccq56%::6° °° °


Esa carita de susto!!!!😅




@elaine_sbp acho que pra nao dar sujeira ou pode tirar a sencibilidade das patas ou frescura mesmo kkkk


That cat [Scottish Fold] seems neutral. No hissing, crying! I try to trim his and he is at least making a noise. No nipping at her hand. I don't see a towel to restrict movement. Unless the cat is heavily medicated at a Vet. That is a happy cat. Once again --- Scottish folds look like that 100% of the time , example... Grumpy cat😜😉


Follow up from my previous statements. Just like humans get bored, depressed, anxiety, OCD, etc. So can cats..links do not work so write it or just google it - Can cats lick themselves until they bleed. You will be surprised what you find.. Jackson Galaxy wjo is a bahavorist with Cats on the show My Cat From Hell deals with Cats some that have a chemical imbalance needing similar meds like kitty valium. It does happen..


@gayleeweymouth Their ears are like that ALL the time. Breed is a Scottish Fold. Google it 😉




@ahmad_mhmad1 ayree b tayaabb leek mana wahaddd

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