Los Angeles Lakers

We can get used to this: 16 points, 12 dimes, 10 boards. #LakersSummer

Thomas & Mack Center

We can get used to this: 16 points, 12 dimes, 10 boards. #LakersSummer




Let's go boi


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Hell yah we can!


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The mifokin goat😎😎😎


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Y'all haters quiet now 🤔


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Any one know the channel on xfinity the game is going to be on


Sign Vander Blue


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A lot of NBA history has been made at the Thomas & Mack Center. Can anyone name what other NBA history has been at the Thomas and Mack Center.


6/20 shooting


ı mıss kobe braynd


@0_kylandavidgoat_100 Cavs are a solid SL team, Lonzo played without Ingram or Hart and used Kuzma and Zubac to his advantage. Felder is good and if I'm not mistaken, they were the 2 seed


@mherbert127 did any of those players post a triple double in SL? How about 2?


@dylan.cornish1 well.... wouldn't you expect it? Of course he's getting good stats against scrubs, he's a good player. He had 1 bad game and had dominated in the last 3 games posting up 2 triple doubles and a 36 point double double as well. If he didn't come out and dominate against scrubs, you'd have people calling him a bust like they did after his first SL game. Now that he is playing good against scrubs people want to say "oh, it's just against scrubs." What about LeBron, the East has been full of scrubs for the past 7 years but people run around and call him the "goat." You gotta be kidding me

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