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Michelle Parker knows no boundaries…she is a “TrailBlazHer”.
⛷️: @myshellparker
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@shivtrippin gimme a mountain all to myself and I'll own it #don'twannabeachildbasher


@kjpicardo Surely @hellosoraptor and @johnjohn1_1 hit the big slopes next time?


@shivtrippin surely gonna master toe side next time


@kjpicardo try toe side next time


That's dope


What skis?


This makes me sooo happy @joshyboom winter is coming


@miquelyd quines ganes de tornar a esquiar.... 😘😘😘


Spring snow ❤️


@luke.p1997 can't wait for Jan


Because they weren't . They were actually filming me 😉😉😉😉




Not bad)

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