Los Angeles Lakers

😳 Lonzo turning some heads with that reverse layup!

Thomas & Mack Center

😳 Lonzo turning some heads with that reverse layup!




@merv__ sup nig nog


Slay lonzo 🔥


Yea he got a nice left, it seems his game is legit.....he need to sign with Nike


Lonzo is a legend


Do turnovers matter if you always find a way to win?


@hefty_jeffrey he wore Adidas yesterday though


Lonzo Ball 🏀 Beautiful layup.


@pelayoeric the league mvps assist to turnover ratio was almost 2 last year. So chill.


@hefty_jeffrey he had adidas on his feet


That's what happens when you got them Nike's on yo feet!




@matt_slatts03 Yeah but when fultz or Tatum do good in summer league, I never her these "only summer league comments


@boilerfan22 in the summer league


@matt_slatts03 2 triple doubles and still overrated?


People still hating get behind dude or gtfoh he's the only dude to get a triple double in summer league history now how many greats have played in the summer league? Come on stop it give the man his credit




Over rated


His assist to turnover ratio is 1.5 to 1 over the last 2 triple doubles


2 triple double while shooting 4 for 20 from 3pt line and getting 14 turnovers over 2 game span


Ok we're talking about a 2 triple-doubles in the D-League now the D-LEAGUE it's filled with players no one knows pretty much let's see him do it in the regular season


Nother triple dub! Let's go!


All Star incoming

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