Even more kuuuuuuzzzzz @matthiasnobles


I'm calling it right now Kyle Kuzma is a taller version of Klay Thompson




Bloooooooooooooo lol


Bulu ketek


Huntsman Center will miss you this fall/winter @kuzmakyle


Rookie of the year


@kuzzzzzzzzzz didn't realize you played for the lakers lol


He is not better then randel


He is not better then randel


Love this guy. He was a great pick for us.


Need rim protector #javelemcgee


The future


🔨 great trade


@_bigtime33 Yes! That's my homie from the hometown bro! No disrespect to who you like, my son would be a good fit for the lakers, or any team in the NBA. Who wouldn't want a skilled stretch four. He ain't no KD, or Lebron, or Steph but why not add depth too the bench and also NBA Veteran.


@therealcraigpa3 the future is near!


This dude is solid!


He better than randle shooting and handling wise i still think randle the bigger body


This guy needs to jump higher.


Lonzo Ball PG, Caldwell Pope SG, Brandon Ingram SF, "Earl Clark" PF, Brook Lopez C ----> This is the squad that's going to make you a playoff contending team.


@joshkollman3 this guys a baller lowkey


Kuzma be hoping 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

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