Mason jar chic! How do you store your makeup??? #naturalartistry #rethinknatural #slaywithclay #makeupstorage #repost @mpbglamshots



How much plz ?


@kaylasacco_ awesome thank you!!! 😎


@tartecosmetics so cute! Gotta get my hands on one!


@whiskeykiss84 That's our limited-edition gifted™️ Amazonian clay smart mascara! 👁️🌿


In mason jars and makeup organizers!


What product is that in the middle I love the packaging


Amazonian clay ❤️❤️❤️ best mascara ever


My brushes all go in an mason jar


In a drawer, with all the tubes in mason jars, and everything else just in their place in the drawer.


Mine are actually stored in Mason jars attached to wood planks on my dresser 😍


the wood one that i never know how to pronounce the name is the best mascara i've ever worn in my entire freaking life, i'm grabbing an refil this week 😍


Chxjc uf


I love the 4 in 1 mascara. I very recently a few days ago post a review on 2 Tarte lip products on my Instagram beauty blog page. Hopefully you all come check it out.👍😍❤️😃

@tartecosmetics Someone from our customer service team will be reaching out in a few 💋


@liv.shult Around 7-10 business days for US orders! 📦📦

@tartecosmetics I DMed you and I sent emails about the missing order information but I get no replies, why?? Please check your DM


Love these!


In a mason jar 🙈


Coffee mug 👌🏻☕️


I love them!


I put all my makeup in tarte shipping boxes.


@tartecosmetics if you live in US how long does it usually take to get your products?


@_triniazofeifa ships to France 💜


@pammy709 lights, camera, splashes™️ waterproof mascara! 🙅💦


@_triniazofeifa paris has actually the biggest sephora in the world but idk if they have tarte... most likely though:) just check the french sephora website to check the brands


All of my eyeliners and mascaras are in mason jars


I keep my brushes in mason jars 💕


Mason jars in a box and for face I have it in a regular small make up bag


heyy!!! do you know if there is a sephora in paris? @tartecosmetics and is tarte in that sephora?


Re-use candle jars

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