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Which mascara coats your lashes on the reg? #mascara #naturalartistry #rethinknatural

Which mascara coats your lashes on the reg? #mascara #naturalartistry #rethinknatural



Really which one is the best!? 🤔 I have small & short lashes, and i like ultra black 🖤 please guide me guys 🙏🙏


Which one is good for volume


i love the lifted sweatproof mascara the best


Is the gifted mascara give you volumev


Tartiest anyday


Omg I read reg as leg lol


Maneater is THE most incredible mascara I have ever ever ever used!




The tartiest one. I use that everyday. And it's always in my purse. Along with your blush contour and highlight trio pallete


I bought the shape tape for the 1st time but i didn't get the right color, it looks more like a highlight but idk which color to get.


I loooove they're real mascara


Lights camera lashes is the best mascara I've ever used! Tartist is #2


Gifted and Tarteist 👀


Lights Camera Lashes is my ride or die!!


The tartiest!


@tartecosmetics ty! I love Lifted, but may have to try Gifted now 👍🏼


@vanessaglenn lifted is sweatproof and waterproof and gives your lashes a lift! gifted gives soft volume and conditions your lashes 👁️


Maneater!! All day everyday!! @tartecosmetics


I need to try tarteist 💅🏻


I had on Tarteist today!




What is the difference between Lifted and Gifted?


Tarteist is my favorite!! 😍


Lights, camera, lashes!


Lights, camera, lashes!!!!!!!


Tarteist lash paint forever and always 😍😍😍


Lights, camera, lashes 4eva & always🙌🏼✌🏼😘


Tartiest Lash Paint is my favorite! Gifted is my go to for a more natural look.


Maneater 😩💕😍


Gifted is the current fav ❤️


Maneater everyday! ❤️


Tarteist lash paint, lights camera lashes!, & lights camera splashes 😽


Gifted is the best one 💕

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