Call before the storm.
Before I started wrecking shit like a crazy human in my gym for our #ProjectRock @underarmour #USDNA shoot. I taped a few military shout outs that'll be shown on US bases around the world. Just sharing my boundless gratitude to our boys and girls.
Special word to the families of our 16 service members we recently lost. We're thinking about you and sending strength your way. #Marines #Navy #MARSOC #RaiderBattalion 💪🏾🇺🇸



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The more I scroll down your page the more you inspire me and many others it’s truly great what you do for us ❤️


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Thanks for the speech. It was my pleasure to have served. #USARMYINFANTRY


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You're very strong.


Were you in the military the rock


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That was a very good speech there fantastic awesome


Our military does a fantastic job keeping us all safe.. I wish I could say thank you to each of them.. Dewayne "the rock" said it perfectly


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