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Which side is your skin in need of? The gold mask hydrates and brightens dull skin while the purple mask balances your skin's pH level and tightens pores! Transform your skin with our NEW tight & bright clay multi-mask!✨ Available NOW on tarte.com and @sephora!
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What is the gold mask product called???


@cfainguersch i want this so bad honestly


I just tried this and it's ahhhhmazing 🙌🏽 thank you @tartecosmetics


Ima buy this !!! @amylindaa_


Omg u gonna spend so much hahaha @brookerogers_


@tartecosmetics how often can I use it?


lol I need both sides


@tartecosmetics oh! 😃 that's great. thanks for replying


@jadedluvjmw You have to wash it off 💦


@nabzy13 Def!! The purple is for detoxifying, purifying and tightening the pores, perfect for the oily t-zone! The gold is for hydrating and firming delicate areas like the cheeks and undereyes ✨💆


is it a peel off mask or do you have to wash it off


@tartecosmetics I have oily acne prone skin with large pores. Can I use this??


@abbyr37 did u try it?


Uummmmm both


@abigail.arndt Try using a small amount since a little goes a long way! It also dries to a matte finish so no need to powder it 👍


so basically i need to take a bath in the purple one


@abigail.arndt it's amazing and doesn't crease if you set it!! 💕


How much $


I need something for discorlation/toning


Need both




@primrosechungx I want to buy this


I need purple!😻💜💜😈💜💜


💜💄Check out my Insta, reveiwing affordable brands 💕💕


What are pores ?


Is shape tape recommended for under eyes that crease very easily??? It's a very common struggle for me and I'd love to give shape tape a try but don't want to spen the money if it's not going to help :/


I need a ton of hydration for my face😭😭😂😂😂😂

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