Let's go Lonzo


@ms_princess_aliya_25 leg cramps, he'll be ready for the actual season, magic just doesn't want to risk him getting injured.


@estebawn why's he out for the rest of the league? 😯


@bc_hcaz it's a joke


dlos team😢


Kuzma maybe lonzo will be good in the real nba


In my opinion if Zubac would be more aggressive like Dunking more often He could be our Future C.. I see at times he lacks confidence and good basketball I.Q. At times.. but the Kid Zo and Kuz they look promising to Me..


Western Conference better watch out... foreal tho




It's everyday bro with that quarter finals flow


@0_kylandavidgoat_100 how's he stat padding? we do well if we push the ball but if zubac got the board and passed to zo everyone would be back if zo rebounds the ball and pushes it he can drive pass out or throw a sick no looker


@0_kylandavidgoat_100 that what you're supposed to do.


Zubac is charming soft


Nets on full try hard mode 😂

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