@elangsz its his dad bro!


@smokinjohnie why hate zo tho?


Man your telling me. @vipgarcia916 he looks nice


@druskee24 I think Lavar might be right about his boy!!!! Can't wait for the regular season


When is the next summer league game? Can some one let me know


Hate this idiot and his dad


@zputlak ja boi was in attendance. Standard


@tea_yah got the curry 4s on


S Curry 4 🔥🔥


Well Done Lonzo !


Curry 4👍🏻


Looking great...can't wait to see u move.....


those some Curry's ?


Under Armor😂😂


Witnessed all of this nice bigs gotta finish and catch the ball


yassssss @zo❤️❤️❤️❤️


I think ZoBall should revive an old brand and bring it back into the NBA,such as Converse or Reebok. Let's make things a little interesting,plus it would separate him from the Nike and Adidas crowd.


Go Zo


14pts 9rebs 7ast

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