Inside the ‪#LakersSummer‬ huddle




Buechler for president in 2000!


@justin_be_ballin how am I mad it's true 😂😂


Kusma so far is the steal of the draft man he shoots with no hesitation at 6 '9 he has a sweet touch and has the potential to be a very versatile player those are hard to come by that's what the NBA is now big guys that can shoot we are lucky we got lonzo and Kusma this year this guy could give LA a dimension that they haven't had and with lonzo able to find the open guy kusma and Lopez are going to be a problem for the oposition.


Lonzo making things happen with this dudes wait til he has Clarkston ,Nance, Randall, and Lopez running with em!

@that_boy_john.o_23 the very least we have load of shooters on this squad.


Kuzma 🔥🔥🔥


Excited for the season ... don't know about playoffs just yet I think we still got 1-2 years But it's going to be fun watching the lakers play


Didnt the lakers reach the summer finals once with sacre but lost to the warriors?


@dretheoutsider_ oh now you complimenting Zo? #ColdBuster


Zo, KCP, Ingram, Kuzma, Lopez, Randle, JC, PG 2k18, Another max Free agent 🐐


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@jvoc3 yea bro. This kid is special. I can see it now. Lol. Our offense is going to be a juggernaut.


@jvoc3 not even I'm complimenting tf outta Zo on Lakersnation right now clown. But according to some of y'all Kuzma is ready to start over Randle. Hop off me


@jvoc3 dude is a clown...


@evanbennett__ don't forget about randle I think he's gonna have a great year


@rmb3ii3 awwwww mad your boyfriend Jc is gone next mijo?


Zo and company looking real special. Can't wait to see him with our actual starters.


@dretheoutsider_ spoken like a true DLo loyalist/Lonzo HATER


@dretheoutsider_ salty snitchangelo bustell fan smh...


We fuccing nice asf💯💯 kuzma got a straight wet ball

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