Bench Chatter




@sportsdebatesdaily let's have a party for the playoffs next season


La Cheeserie!


Ingram looks like Dechaunte @ya_boy_mike.__ @ethanxxballer


Next big 3


I keep seeing Cypress Hill posting on here lol


@realsamirsingh hell yeah same! my favorite player on the team right now


Idk I reallllyyyyy fw Ingram heavy @alex_chapman22


🔥 Comment your opinion on my recent! All input is appreciated! 🔥


Brandon need to bring back the fro


Ingram look like he 30


Ingram looks like he smokes to many little j's


Why he look like a black post Malone 😂


Couldnt have asked for more frm our young squad so far. Kuzma is a huge surprise- avg 20+, 45% frm long range, great d and communication. Imo more talented and just as athletic as randell and larry.


Best one two punch in the game @jasondeitrich lakers are back now

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