@desmith4 puts up 21 points & 6 assists for the @dallasmavs... while @zo contributes 16 points & 10 assists in the @lakers victory! #NBASummer




@scrilla_andretti hos dad played for the jets practices team.


That's true. A ton of hype on both of these guys! @chrisvickery_


@kylesmars people haven't talked about a player this much since lebron


@kylesmars lol I could care less about lavar...lonzo is so good that it really doesn't matter what his dad says if anything it's helping so far


Any chance they put lavar in 2k as a cheerleader lol @chrisvickery_


Steal in the draft. Been fan since high school




Zebra V2's ($400) on @LuxuryKickz Page!


Iā€™m starting to like this dude


Dennis Smith is sick , no question about That


Lonzo only problem is his on ball defense


Knicks basketball šŸ€ smh šŸ¤¦ā€ā™‚ļø


I'm coppin 2k this yr def @that_1nerd_dude @_kel_314


Smith a problem for the next 12 to 14 yeara at least 910 stand all the way up


@__june__143 that boy got vision


Still lost


Next chize matchup @kylesmars


Smith was out of control just like Westbrook used to be. He losses the ball too much dribbling and wild lay ups that don't even touch rim.


But scared to play the fox


Lonzo barely played the second half


Too bad he took that L


That last dunk šŸ¤¢


@jadenzz remember how when lonzo left the game the mavs caught up. Also lonzo is still the best point guard from the draft so far.


@nebttivael i am in a @cp3 jersey


@jakeknappp you in a clippers jersey?


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Lonzo nice but pump breaks a lil bit, more than half the people won't be on NBA roster come start of the season. Let's see what he do vs the west pg's of curry, lillard, cp3, Westbrook, bledsoe, not to mention fox, and smith jr. We all know he can pass, will e be able to go at them pg's over there in the west every night tho...šŸ¤”


@tuckytuck24 @devontepierre this was all in the first quarter

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