Pudge isn't much of a cuddler; never sits on my lap but is always close by. When I suddenly felt something fluffy touch my toe, I almost died 😻😻😻 This is her kind of PDA 😹



So adorable


Just saw you in "Seven Lives" the movie... you're awesome😘😘😘


Looking at this account, at the end of a bad day, gives me light, hope, happiness.


Haha! Better then nothing! 😸


📣Too funny❕ 😹


My cat is seventeen years old and loves to snuggle- for about five seconds. Then he'll go sleep at the end of the bed and usually won't leave unless he has to go to the litter box. And for some reason he loves sleeping on top of my feet, and complains when I move!


@lindzeewithaz I love Pudge the cat hahah


@pudgethecat whats your email?


Pudge, you're like my baby sister Callie. She likes pets but that's it


Beautiful ❤️💛💕💋💕💋


Aw. I have a little fickle feline too. He hates to be touched anywhere on his head. Loves his toe beans to be rubbed though @pudgethecat 🖤🙌🏼


I love you Pudge 4ever


Special moment


You have been chosen!!! 😮❤️🐈


my cat is this kind of cuddler 😂☺️


@emblowers more like your kind of pda

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