Los Angeles Lakers

#LakersSummer aiming for a championship in Vegas Monday night!

Thomas & Mack Center



I bet the number on his jersey is the ppg stat of his father the "big baller"




Congrats to this great Laker team. While all other teams went home, they're still playing with heart and soul.


All these lakers fans acting like they gonna make the playoffs 😂


Has it started


It's up to Kuzma 💯


Any kinda championship lool!! 👏🏼💪🏼


Zo my dawg


@magaarsena calf injury from last game


With a lot of highlights from the one man that's gonna be out wit a injury in the next game 😂


I must admit


@magaarsena calf injury last game


Can someone tell me why is lonzo not playing?


Ingram ball and hart is out. We could barely pull away the victory last night. @joshbihn


@tjt._ we're really not.


Now we gone lose cause lonzo ain't playin


Let's Go Lakers!!!! 👊


Damn it no Lonzo


Damn it man, I was hoping zo was gonna play 😞.


Portland wins


Nice post, Zo is gonna do work in the regular season


Can I watch it on ESPN ? @lakers

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