Anthony Padilla

anthony vs dead tree. try to spot 5 differences.

anthony vs dead tree. try to spot 5 differences.




I can't. Seems like everything is wood there.


Did I seriously just write that


4: Anthony knows how to make people happy the dead tree doesn't , 5: Anthony could my boyfriend the tree can't 😭😂😂


3: Anthony is successful, the dead tree, obviously isn't


2: Anthony has a beautiful smile , the tree doesn't


5 differences? 1: Anthony is gorgeous the dead tree isn't


Ones good looking. The others not. Can guess which it is?


The tree is more good looking😂


i'm the dead tree branches reaching for the tip of your toe


You have dandruff.....the tree doesn't


There are no differences between them they are both dead on the inside


The tree didn't leave smosh.


I can't tell the difference


This is impossible


A dead tree is dry and Anthony cries


Wait which ones which


A dead tree isn't insanely attractive, Anthony is only dead on the insides, that's all I can find :/


A dead tree won't try to weasel its way into a friendship


Anthony is more dead on the inside


one actually gets likes


All I see are Dan and a dead tree


Ones dry, the others a dead tree.


I don't know I can't find any


both are dead inside


You're alive ,you have glasses ,you're legs are crossed,you're arms are crossed ,YOU HAVE A DICK lol


Ur the dead tree


Looking good, Dan 👌


1. Anthony have clothes 2. 3. 4. 5. ...


Anthony has shoes


hey padildo

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