Getting a check-up. #still18pounds #heavyD




What size harness does Dougie wear? We're prepping for a puppy and need to figure out harness sizing for now, then when she's grown!


Dafuck ang bigat naman niya!! Hahah @riverabea


@j_p_rose remember when Douglas was 13 more lbs than Layla?


Just like me! Mommy says I'm not fat, just big boned 🙄😅 #fluffy


Check all good 😊 and lovely 🐾


17 pounds of fluff and cuteness here! Don't focus on the numbers though, you look beautiful ❤️


I'm pushin 8lbs need to loose a few too 😕


Aww so @chewbacca_aka_chewie isn't a thickums alone 😂😂 @mzcredle


Dougie you look perfect to me. Hope the doc doesnt put you on a diet!


He's so smug and proud. I love it.


Heavy D 😂😂😂 you look good, Doug! 🐶


A little husky ❤️


Chelsea weighs 6.5 kilos - its winter and she looks like a huge fluffball - if anyone cmments on how chubby she looks I say not really its just "fat fur"!!!


@piercemarvin Lexie is still lighter by 1lb 😂


Just means there's more of you to cuddle 😘


Hi Dougie 😊


Good boy! 😸


He's got the cutest little face❤️🐾


18 pounds of love ❤️


U r the same weight as Sydney. What r u suppose to weight? How old r u? Sydney is 4.


What's his ideal weight🐾😎🐾😎🐾😎🐾😎🐾


My Harley is 19lbs. Vet said she would like to see him at 17. He is happy, active and healthy and that's all I care about 🤗


You look perfect to me!

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