This better be a vegan hotdog.




Shes sniffing his butt


Girl, every time I see any form of anthropomorphic meat, I have the same command😗


LIVING!! @lilyayre_ And the caption! 😂😍


Hahahahahaha 😂


Looks goodly


it better be!


Its awesome that your vegan! :) @hamlet_the_piggy I'm a vegetarian.


This is how I feel being vegetarian😂😂😂😂




I got my eye on you human.


Omg... this guy was break dancin in our yard too!


@daveh5380 haha Good idea! You distract them and I'll make a run for it!!! 🐷🚗💨


@maren.jpeg my 2 favorite things


If your hungry Hammy go and get into the humans cheetos again 😭🐷💕😃🐽❤️❤️


Cool hotdog Hamlet.


@christopher_the_pig 🙀 really?! So cool! Can't wait for yours 👻


Cuteness alert


@hamlet_the_piggy I dont but my mom does ! But we are about to consider to have own one 👻 she is already following you btw 😜

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