Dougie the Shih Tzu

Amazing portrait by @littleartistt ❤️❤️

Amazing portrait by @littleartistt ❤️❤️




Are you selling copies of this?


OMG so realistic! Amazing artist! Love it!! 🤗


@lifeistooshortforlemons YES!!! I have Dougie in my house!! *dances around in circles*


Looks like Dougie's a Gryffindor!


Doug's baby boy ....lolxxx


Dougie this is amazing!!


That is adorable! Dougie you look very handsome!!


Super Account<3


brilliant! 😊😊


reality~~so cute 😙😙


Amazing! 😳


Wow so pretty!!!


@francescacalleo oh my gosh cutest!!! Let's get one


Beautiful portrait! 👍👍💙😚💙


Where art thou dougie!?


We love your portrait! My mom said she'd like to get one of me too. 🐶


She really captured those expressive, beautiful, intelligent eyes! @littleartistt


purrrrfectt 😍😍😍




This is so crazy perfect.


Looking very smart where u off to gorgeous


This is an incredible drawing!


What a clever portrait -


Nailed it those eyes......❣️❣️

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