Marlon Wayans

#mood a movie and a tv show all in the same week?! #naked @nbcmarlon premieres TONIGHT WEDNESDAY AT 9 & 9:30pm only on @nbc

#mood a movie and a tv show all in the same week?! #naked @nbcmarlon premieres TONIGHT WEDNESDAY AT 9 & 9:30pm only on @nbc




@marlonwayans this when you realized you had to take a shit right before you wiped your ass from taking a shit


I hope to find someone as goofy and hailrious as u💖💖💖💖


Really love this new movie.. you did great in all your comedy movies 😊


Watched Naked twice ur so funny @marlonwayans 😙


@marlonwayans I enjoyed Naked!!!! Especially the motorcycle scene!!!!!




My bad sharing your art with us LOL


My wife and I just watched your movie... we are in the 7th year of marriage with 3 boys now and is going threw hard times but w are doing it together... I just want to let you know that your movie is a breath of fresh air... thank you for sharing your are with us it's much appreciated... thank you


Naked Funny AZZ HELL😂😂😂


Loved the movie 👍


Watched it last night didnt use the elevator at work today


This was awsome loved it ! Lol


Funny movie!


@marlonwayans my day was exhausting.. This made it so much better!!!!


You're a genius.! I loved it! The scene with your purple robe though 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


I loved all of it


This movie had me laughing and crying!!! And a little hot and bothered.!


1/5 it was poorly written


Will it play on Hulu if I can't watch tonight?


Loving it brotha 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


Love it.. I shall keep watching this show...💕💕💕😘💋💋💋s.


Loved it. Keep doing you


You're a great actor! @marlonwayans I appreciate your art in the screen.


Yes what the hell is that little tiny hair piece on your head grow some hair a man like that wig you had back in Scary Movie damn that was a good movie


yo u mad funny bro! i watch Naked last nite! And im watch ya tv sitcom tonite!


So good man !!! Congrats


👈 From Kuwait 🇰🇼


I love it, every minute is making me laugh 😄 👏👏👏👍


"Naked" was yesterday's family movie night pick, and we strongly suggest it for any other fam looking to laugh it out.


I watched your movie last night it was funny but I was trying to figure out why was you back in the elevator every time the bells rung


@marlonwayans I really enjoyed the movie and can't wait to watch Marlon tonight.


Amei o filme ❤️ 💚💛

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