Pumpkin The Raccoon

πŸŽƒ"Man, this is a lot of work to eat some stupid salad." 🐢"Nice try, your lettuce is in the bowl." πŸ₯—Its wideo Wednesday! Enjoy!




@eva_mikulski les petits doigts 😍


@alizeelecompte oh non mais 😍 donnez-lui le pot entier de salade


Dom smΓ₯ tassisarna 😍 @risochnudlar


@gimoney13 πŸ˜‚ I love raccoons and their grabby ppl hands


@chhlss vintage pumpkin


@jaime_hardbass yo intentando conseguir objetivos en la vida JAJAJAJAJA


@claire_lally I want it to be my child


Me trying to get a grip on life @lilrogers


The day @annie_lloyd showed me pumpkin was one of the best days ever. I love him

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