Kelly Rowland

I can't wait to stop by the #Eloralane booth! #beautyconla

I can't wait to stop by the #Eloralane booth! #beautyconla




@kellyrowland it is important that I be known as the son of God




pleasure enjoying right hand here


Fasho show my mama love and check out ELORA LANE INL.A


🗣️$3,000 deals💰💰message me📨


Hit link in the bio!!! 🔥


Check out my page and YouTube. Aspiring singer here


$50=$3000. Text 512-534-3449


I wonder if you're bringing some popcorn 🍿😋😂


Guh if you don't drop a single on us 🙄


📩📩Do you want a dope animated of yourself and 🎨🎨flyer,album cover,mixtape cover,logo...📩📩DM for yours.. Thanks


Omg im so happy for you


Can't wait for you to drop an album 🌚👊🏾💁🏾🗣️


New single 😩💙🙏🏻

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