Prissy and Pop💗💙

Duuun dun, Duuun dun...My first #sharkweek with the #Poppleshark! This year marks the fourth year we have been celebrating together!🐷🦈🐷🦈🎀#tbt #jaws #prissyshark #discoverychannel #pontevedra #PrissyandPop



@caitlincwood okay so perhaps instead of a dog... we could get piggies 🤷‍♀️


@mag_car11 😱😱😱 Terrifying! Hahaha


@maisabc eu sigo esse canal, olha que fofinhos ❤️😍


Jajajajajaja 😍😍😍😍




@_shanefitzpatrick_ us taking our children to the beach


@bufagol hahahahahaha que lindinhos! Vou ter um desse ainda 😬


@_sherms you seem to not be following one of Instagram's greatest accounts. Shame 🐷


@dleininger12 omg omg omg it's us


This video is great!! Watch out for those piggies! 😱😍


Aaaaaaaaaa they piggys are coming ❤️❤️❤️


@nrfaz10 This just made my day 😍


@daniekane oh my god so cute


I'm gonna have nightmares @_ashlynnnnnnn_

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