soooo i was just on the @elvisduran & the morning show on @z100newyork 😭 being from long island it was honestly insane to be on a show / station i've been listening to my ENTIRE life. THANK YOU so much for supporting me and have to say thank u for using your platform to spread awareness about bullying etc means a lot to me & other people as well xx. THANK YOU THANK YOU!




@mackenziejuhlin why is this chick literally in our hood


U look like @dualipa here


where are her pants from???


Omg ur from LI!!??? Me tooo




Omg @sarahzebiann they're so nice let's get some?


@loco4cocoa_ camo pants omg i want now


Eleven pointed star




@seoulchanyeol ? Tell me it's not so! How would you know that?


@ninweeee.k j'ai toujours su que c'Γ©tait un squeletteπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


wait you're from long island wtffff what part??


you look so weird πŸ˜‚


@madisonbeer Just a little bit of an obsession about you,nothing too serious,I might say something like "I love you".at some stage...its all good


Very cool


Can I please be your friend??


Love this! And what a beautiful message


@victoriamorin_ it's boomerang , on snapchat stories . β™‘


i miss u


what app is this


omg where are these pants from


Her ribs are moving wtf kill me right now


Lmfaooo " spread awareness about bullying " you literally bullied ppl wtfc ?


Omg I live on Long island

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