One lump or two?

Tea Rose Garden




@leekatzburg את כשאת מתרגשת מהאוכל


@fanieex penny would've already messed everything up! Lol


@dianafdiago ❤️ awwwwww tea con el 🐷 cerdito


@haoneill91 you drinking tea ☕️ 😂


@elin_0405 you are too kind!!


@mochasoylatte I had cucumber sandwich 😬


Please follow me new account


Lololol I've been there 🐽


The cutest in world!🐷❤️


I love it ❤️


she's the cutest thing ever.


Precioso 😍😘🐷


We will take 2 each ❤️❤️


Hamlet love your pictures!


Oh Hamlet, you go to the nicest Tea Parties...and your pastry of choice? I think your snout is working hard, so much to smell. I think your snout is perspiring; don't work too hard, Hamlet. 💕❤️😁


Wait I'm joining!!!😂😘


I can't believe you called ME cutie, bro. Dude. Hamlet you da Prince of Denmark AND da King of Cure holy moly with sugar on top it's my dream to meet a pig. I even google dat Island you can swim with pigs. Most of my toys are pigs. You need to focus and weally grapple with da extent of da Looweegeee (me) pig obsession.


Where's her treats?


Hamlet love your pictures!


I wish I had the willpower of this pig😂


Hamie your so well behaved. All those delicious deserts and you haven't destroyed them yet. Nom nom nom


@the.ash.masterflash wish I was as loved as hammy


I want one😍😍❤️❤️💜💜🐷🐷🐽

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