Prissy and Pop💗💙

SUMMER CAMP fun with our school friends! Ever wonder what really happens "If You Give a Pig a Pancake!" Well sit back and enjoy!🐷🥞(P.S. I have one blue eye and one brown eye, so I made my pancake to look like me/even though mommy took them off).🐷💙🐷💗#ifyougiveapigapancake #harperchildrens #summercamp #PrissyandPop

Bolles Ponte Vedra Campus



@noheliahh Kayla & Eli tomorrow


I loved that book.


Hahahahaha yes!! 😂😂 @janetrocks21


@lilobaybeee reminded me of when I left you the note if you wanted a pancake 😂


@prissy_pig thank you so much for the back to school wishes. We are tied in with a community college. All the early colleges in NC start this week. Community colleges start Aug 16th. Regular schools in NC by law can't start until August 25. I would think you could teach all the material after being the teacher's pet for 5 years 🐷🐷👍🏼😂🤣😊🎈🥞 hugs 🤗 to all. Will Pigtail 🐶 go to school too?


Oh Prissy, I didn't know your eyes were two different colors! You're such a special, sweet girl! 💕💕💕


@donnawhitfield1960 I know! I was just teasing back! Wow! You guys start early. Best wishes for a great year. We head back for our fifth year of first grade in a few weeks!🐷😂


@prissy_pig hi Prissy I thought it was funny. Today at school we had brunch with pancakes 🥞. I thought about you when I was eating mine. Our students come to school on Thursday for the 1st day of school. I have transferred to the new Early College High school my county has started 🥞🐷🤗😘😍😎👍🏼


Aww thats so cutw


😂😂😂💓💓💓💓this is soooooo adorable!!! 🐷🥞🐷🥞


@lorief78 They aren't. Just mine! He has two brown eyes. I have one blue and one brown!🐷👀


@rthickstun omg it definitely is. I needed this


@maryycain this might be the cutest one yet


I didn't know Pop's eyes were different colors!


@donnawhitfield1960 Be nice! I was just going to get some syrup. I came back!🐷😉🐷😘


Prissy you were not very social here. They just wanted to see you eat the pancake.


😂😂 best ever!!


This is too cute!


Prissy taking off with her pancake is the best thing I've seen all day! 😂😂😂💖🐖


Well that was fun! 🐽


Hecharon sus hotcakeees @raulndres


love all the giggles and seeing prissy run off with that pancake😂 new all time favorite prissy and pop video!!


Love it!!


You and your pancakes are both beautiful!


@dotti_condotti That is so cute!

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