Know what you don't know.
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Know what you don't know.
#8fact #facts #knowledge #9GAG




@enzoindustrialarts sorry man - it’s more what wine and my buddies said in the 90’s .. I don’t attempt I just communixAte


Because we know what it's like to be on the other side of the spectrum. ☺️ it taught us to be more hardworjing and appreciative of what we have


Because people cherish family and friends and good health in poorer countries but in rich privileged countries people fell entitled to what ever they want that's why I respect the humble hardworking boy/girl because it lets me realize that there is still people in this world that has a head on their shoulders


Happiness and depression never based on countries... 😒 its how people adapted thier lifestyle and the way they are handling it..


@amirmokhtar dont, people get in other people business here. Just like what i'm doing right now.


Not all poor people are sad and not all rich people r happy


@anisrodzi lets go to egypt 🇪🇬


You don't say🤔


Bc rich ppl are bitches


We all know capheus from sense 8


Its cause they know what a bad day is.


Its because we are really having a great day!


why is it so? philippines is a poor country but it is often said that we are one of the happiest people on earth.


How this could happen


@david.musollari everyone started from the bottom but the reason for being poor is corrupted citizens .


@david.musollari can you please elaborate what exactly should i do?


You sit here and say shit like this? #inaccurate


True thi


Relative poverty people, it's called relative poverty


@beck.eh haha than the above fact is wrong 😂😂


Exactly!! We people are totally fucked up.


TRUE!!! 🇵🇭


That shows money doesn't define happiness


@beck.eh 😀 so will it count as having a good day or not?


Because we're a bunch of ungrateful fucks


@karlrae.x yun pala ung logic dun hahaha okay now we know


That's because we're so fucked up we got use to it and it's not a problem anymore hahaha


But not too poor

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