We all go thru it. Then raise the People's eyebrow. When life gets tough, you get knocked down and you're going "thru the sludge".. you gotta have faith that if you just keep pushing thru it, on the other side is something greater. Proud of and inspired by my guy @jonnybones for keeping the faith, pushing thru the sludge, rising up again to be a greater man and becoming new @UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the world. When we hugged after the fights he put his UFC title on my shoulder.. a beautiful gesture that I appreciate, but I respectfully gave it back because he's earned it... and the thought of me getting punched in the face in the octagon makes me want to just go eat waffles. Congratulations champ to you, your family and Team Jones. #ItsNeverOver 👊🏾💪🏾





Братан, говори на русском или на чеченском ,я тебя не понимаю

Look out he might call you black dog shit


@therock I wanna see if u actually reply to fans✊🏾

T Dub

@billhenny300 not at all, i'm not a hater, i'm just not in denial that this athlete has been caught for drugs before and that it isn't unreasonable for him to have been caught taking illegal substances again


@timmy__woods does the word hater hurt u lol


@timmy__woods lol I think my comment got u angry. W.e floats ur boat troll

T Dub

@billhenny300 what if the people 'in general' aren't hating and are just stating what's obvious? Well i saw your butt hurt comments so yeah why not have an arguement with a naive fanboy 😂

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